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We first visited Cyprus in spring 1992 with our then small primary school children.  We had a splendid two week holiday in Pernera, in unknown to us brand new hotel, which was just a stroll away from the beach close to Protaras at the eastern end of the island.   The climate was fantastic and the locals so welcoming that we fell in love with the country there and then.  We had travelled abroad from our home in the UK whenever possible with the children and also independently prior to having our family but had never, at that time, had the desire to either stay or to think about relocating to another country until this trip.  However at that time our dream was just that and we returned to the UK where we lived happily for the next fourteen years.  Many holidays followed however nothing to match our break in Cyprus.

During Christmas and New Year 1998-99 we visited Cyprus again and enjoyed our first ever festive period away from the UK.  Both of our children spent their first Christmas out of the UK and instead of freezing conditions they enjoyed a Christmas day afternoon after lunch strolling along Fig Tree Bay Beach in the warm winter sunshine.  The all year round pleasing climate and the adventure of starting a new life overseas led us to the purchase of our then home in the very traditional Cypriot village of Xylofagou in 2004 just before Cyprus joined the EU.  After a year or so planning our relocation we finally moved lock stock and barrel to our new home and our relocation to Cyprus was complete.

Our early days on the island were spent working in property sales, maintenance and hospitality until such time as we started our business, sims Cyprus Home and Living.  With the desire to be closer to our working patch we relocated to Paralimni initially then again on to our now home Tersefanou.   Initially we covered the entire eastern end of Cyprus however it soon became evident that the growing demands on our services would result in us just being very hands on in our home village and its close neighbour Kiti.

During late 2010 we were delighted to welcome our son, Adam, and his partner Becky to Cyprus to join us for a year.  Both were instrumental in pushing the business to the next level and helped in introducing a streamlining of our computer systems not to mention helping with the numerous late night arrivals of our owner’s guests to their apartments.  Adam and Becky departed in late 2011 and even though we were sorry to see them leave we were delighted with their input.  They now live back in South Wales and have started their own business, Pathway Lettings, which of course we strongly recommend if you are looking to rent or let property in their area.  Find them on Face book or Google.

Since then the business has continued to grow and we have many loyal clients many of whom are in their third or fourth year with us on our Basic management agreements.  We have managed to build up a good team of tradesman, suppliers and cleaners around us and continue to enjoy our busy lives in Cyprus and although we can work endless hours most of the year we still manage to enjoy, from time to time, the things that drew us to Cyprus all those years before.

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